Kount provides digital identity trust and fraud prevention solutions. We worked alongside their marketing team to produce custom content with clear and concise messaging about their complex solutions. Kount’s culture is on display in many of the videos we produced, helping to attract the industry’s top talent.

What We Did

Video / Photo Services

Motion Graphics

Social Media Marketing

Infographics Animation

We used innovative visuals and motion graphics to showcase Kount’s wide array of digital products in concise and digestible media assets. This knowledge then allowed their customers to make educated decisions about which products best fit their needs, helping to move them down the sales funnel.

Product Demo Video

Demonstrating the value of a product is one of the most important steps in closing a sale. We worked with Kount to produce several product demonstration videos using motion graphics and concise messaging.

Company Culture Video

What makes a great company? Kount would say an important piece is their culture. We filmed and edited this project, including the motion graphics, to serve as a company overview video. It was proudly displayed in the lobby of their new downtown Boise office building!

Social Media

B to B companies like Kount rely on social media channels, especially LinkedIn, to help market their products and services. We created short videos, many of them 15 seconds or less, that showcased their products. These video assets were a critical part of their paid media strategy.